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About Vancouver Island Raiders

The VI Raiders is a once in a lifetime opportunity that allows young men to learn life skills that will help them transition into becoming successful adult men.

The Raider program is built on a strong tradition and involves a large network of community members (players, parents, peers, volunteers, alumni, coaches) that work hard to make the Raiders Football team the best they can be.

Our goal is to be the best team in the country, while providing an enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding experience for our athletes.

VI Raiders football will teach all participants important skills and values they need to be successful in life – commitment, discipline, courage, teamwork, respect, preparation, accountability, how to overcome adversity, and how to compete on and off the field.

Everyone who is a member of the VI Raiders football program can take pride in being a part of one of the greatest experiences a young man can participate in.


The Raiders Football team was started in 2005. In the 13 years that the team has been in existence, they have won 9 BCFC Championships and 3 National Championships. They have also participated in another 2 National Championships and 4 Inter-Gold games. This has been an unprecedented run of success in its short history, one that has not been duplicated in the CJFL.

This success has been built upon a solid foundation that carries forward in trying to fulfill the team’s Mission Statement.

The team’s success on the field is only matched by the success of its players and coaches, off the field. Numerous players and coaches have gone onto careers in U Sport, while others have become very successful in life.

The Raiders are committed to carry forward with helping young men, on and off the field, to continue being a championship program.