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About Lewisville Yellow Jackets

Founded by Shira Ackerman, Mathis Crowder & Charley Brown in 2011, Creating Young Minds Academy is using basketball to help change young mens' lives and learn valuable lessons.

Creating Young Minds is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit organization located in Lewisville, Texas. CYM was created to help young men achieve success in life that otherwise would be unavailable to them. We focus on teaching, grooming, and developing young athletes into young men. The primary objective is to teach young men how to have a purpose in life, how to humble themselves, work hard, and have good character.

Our Vision

The young men living in our communities will gain a broader appreciation for self and others, education, and athletics through basketball, school, support and guidance.

Our Mission

We focus on teaching young men about the importance of education, hard work and being humble in all aspects of life.

Our Model

Creating Young Minds is excited to expand our Organization to include a Professional Basketball Team with The Basketball League, the third professional basketball league in the United States. We are replicating the European model of training, developing and preparing young athletes into Professional Athletes with the combination of our CYM Academy and Lewisville Yellow Jackets. The younger players from CYM Academy will have the opportunity to play along side Professional Basketball Players on our Lewisville Yellow Jackets team in the TBL.