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Make It Yourself

Our event creation was designed with simplicity in mind, and with the latest technology to ensure fast and reliable results. It only takes a couple of clicks to build your event.

Create Your Profile

Add a logo, background image, and location and you have a partner page ready for all your fans.

DIY Means Do It Yourself

Partners who use HappsNow have events big and small, General Admission, and reserved seating. We’ll help you create an amazing event, so you can watch your fans rave about the experience.

Simple Pricing

We don’t have any implementation, or monthly, or start-up, or any kind of fee. When we say free we mean it.

Reserved Seats

We don’t mean to brag but we have an amazing seating chart builder, which lets you create your own venue with sections, rows, and any customizable element you want. Price tickets based on seats, sections, rows, it’s your chart make it however you see fit. We can also help you build your charts.

Automatic Mobile Creation

Create your event page on desktop, and watch as it automatically renders onto the mobile device, exactly how you built it. Even your seating chart, which is dynamically displayed and intuitive for users. Your fans will be impressed, we promise.


Offer donations on your event page so that your users can give back.

Unique Event URLs

Every event has a unique URL that can be placed on your website so your fans don’t have to waste time searching. One click and they are choosing a seat.

Social Selling

Fans have the ability to share with their Facebook friends, and invite their friends to that event either through Facebook or email. Their friends can even see that they are going to your event through Facebook. Let your fans do your promotion by encouraging their friends to join in on the experience.

Event Disclaimers

Add your own disclaimers to communicate your Terms and Conditions for your event. Every ticket sold is subject to HappsNow’s Terms of Service.

Multiple User Accounts

Assign user roles based upon different roles within your organization, and watch your team work together beautifully.

Clone Event

Have a reoccurring event? Use our tools to simply set it up once and set the frequency, that way you never have to create it again.

HappsNow IOS & Android APP

Check people in real-time with HappsNow’s built-in QR code scanner, no need to buy any hardware. Any smart phone user has access to your event pages and can pay through their HappsNow application profile.

Post-Event Reporting

Sales reports and seat reconciliations are delivered directly to your inbox following your event. And analytics within the dashboard to help you see real time trends.

Box Office

Print tickets in real time, using your own printer. Accept credit cards. And even email your fans their tickets so you don’t have to print them.

We’ll Be Here For You

Our partner success team is available 9am-6pm ET with emergency support on night and weekends. We will always be here to help when you need us.


Our integration with Stripe makes our financial transactions easy and fast, including refunds.

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