Letters from New York: the Music of Chris DeBlasio NEW DATE

September 10 2022 7:30 PM (EDT)

Sep 10 7:30 PM

Chelmsford Center for the Arts

Chelmsford Center for the Arts

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Event Description

Cultural Wasteland presents

Letters from New York:

The Music of Chris DeBlasio

with Heather Gallagher and Paul Soper, soloists

and James Myers, pianist

Written by Heather Gallagher

with Peter Schiepers, dramaturg

From the memories of 

Virginia Lowery, 

Harry Huff, 

William Berger 

And the dissertation, “An Introduction to the life and the songs of composer Chris DeBlasio with special emphasis on his cycle, 

All the Way Through Evening

by Dr. Brian Bonin.

With the poetry of 

Ilsa Gilbert

Perry Brass


Elizabeth Bishop

Chris DeBlasio was one of the rising talents of his generation before his life was cut short by his death from AIDS in 1993 at the age of 34 years old. This concert is a retrospective of Chris' life and work and includes stories about his life, times and the New York of the 1980s. Featuring the cycles, Villagers and In Endless Ascen