No Limits Monster Trucks & Motorsports Spectacular Dec 5th - CANCELED

December 5 2020 7:30 PM (CST)

Dec 5 7:30 PM

Hardy Murphy Coliseum

Hardy Murphy Coliseum

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Child 3yrs - 12 yrs General Admission Ardmore Dec 5th


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Event Description

No Limits Monster Trucks – Ardmore, Ok Dec. 5th

No Limits Monster Trucks in Ardmore, Ok Dec. 5th is sure to be a huge hit. For over 34 years our company has been doing all sorts of motorsports events in Ardmore’s Hardy Murphy Coliseum.  Monster Trucks have been the spotlight for several years plus we add a special attractions, wait till you see what we have for this event!

There is one show at 6pm gates open 5pm to allow spectators time to get in early and get the seats they want. Early arrival will help allow more time as to look at the trucks during the pit party.  Buy tickets

This show will be one that is a “MUST SEE!” Legendary Monster Trucks will be part of this huge event check out the line-up! MONSTER PATROL – BEARFOOT – ZILLA- TEXAS OUTLAW – and more! There is a Monster Ride truck also – it is an experience!

We always try to bring our friends and fans – more and different.  This years event will be more and different since we have been doing the power wheels races, there is Power Wheels Demolition Derby! For the first time ever in Texoma! Yes it is safe, and we think you will love this event. Families are sure to enjoy the entire event.  Limited entries call our office 940-683-4742 to hold your spot for your 3 yrs to 5 years old and 6 yrs to 9 year olds. Trophies awarded for to top 5 in each class.

Lawn Mower Races also!


Image may contain: one or more people, sky, outdoor and nature

We are proud to have the team from Berry Hill Raceway to help us put on some exciting Lawn Mower Races!

These are not your usual grass cutters, no way -in fact none of the these racers can still cut grass!

Nope these fire breathing Hot Rods are set up to rip the dirt up and get sideways as they run wheel to wheel, elbow to elbow! 

Berry Hill Raceway Rules and Regulations

Berry Hill Raceway face book

Phone# 1-940-372-4932

(General Rules)

  • All mowers must have a kill switch tether.
  • All mowers must have a clear legible number.
  • All racers must sign a liability waiver.
  • All racers are required to wear a helmet (no bicycle helmet).
  • All racers must wear closed toe shoes and pants (no shorts).
  • Zero turn mowers are not permitted.
  • Racers are to follow all directions given to them by track officials.
  • All racers are expected to show up at least 30 min prior to races to get registered.
  • Any racer caught with illegal mods for their class will be disqualified. 
  • All mowers must have rear fenders.
  • Mower hoods must be secured.
  • All batteries must be secured.
  • Any transmission with chains must have sufficient shields.
  • All mowers must measure 44 in or less in width, and must remain stock appearance in length.

Berry Hill Raceway Classes and Rules

(Mod Stock)

  • Mower frame lowered. Frame may be modified with some tubing. (no full tube chassis allowed)
  • Go cart spindles are allowed.
  • Lawn mower trans axles only.
  • Vertical shaft engines only
  • No centrifugal clutches or torque converters
  • Single cylinder engines only
  • No modifying the engine or carburetors
  • Governor must be hooked up
  • No split rims
  • Engine pulley up to 8 in allowed
  • Staggered stance and lengthening the axles are allowed

(Super Stock)

  • Mower frame lowered. Frame may be modified with some tubing. (no full tube chassis allowed)
  • No limits on engine pulley
  • Vertical shaft engines only
  • No centrifugal clutches or torque converters.
  • Lawn mower trans axles only
  • Intake modifications and headers allowed
  • Governors can be unhooked
  • Staggered stance and lengthening the axles are allowed
  • Custom hood and fenders are allowed (hood must be secured)
  • Stock carburetor jetting allowed
  • Go cart spindles allowed
  • Internal engine modifications are not allowed

(Super Mod)

  • Vertical or horizontal shaft engines no more than 2 cylinders
  • No limits on pulleys
  • Frame must be lower than 4 in from the ground
  • Can modify engine and carburetor
  • Trans axles or live axles allowed
  • Centrifugal clutches allowed
  • Full tube chassis allowed but must have lawn mower hood and fenders
  • Governor can be unhooked

Discount tickets on sale now through our website . New for this year the No Limits Monster Trucks, our discount feature is a 4 pack of tickets for only $70 – a savings of $30 dollars. Discount tickets also available in single sales of $25 for adults and kids 3 thru 12 are $15. Ticket prices go up $5 dollars at the gate.

More information use the CFP Box Office link to take you there.

Discount tickets on sale now through our website .

This year a 4 pack of tickets is only $70! a savings families should jump on. Discount tickets also available in single sales of $20 for adults and kids 3 thru 12 are $15. Ticket prices go up $5 dollars at the gate.


We are having a Kids Power Wheel Demo Derby appearing with the No Limits Monster Trucks!

Hardy Murphy Coliseum – Ardmore, Okla

Saturday – December 5th, 2020 – 6PM

Pit Gates open for Registration 4pm-5pm event starts at 6pm

Pit Gate for Power Wheels drop off & sign in at back of arena.

Kids will have a blast!  No Entry fee — all who participate in the Derby will get free tickets and a ride in the Monster Truck.

The Derby is designed as an unusual spectator attraction. Every entrant is subject to the following rules and regulation in the interest of safety and equal competition. Checkered Flag Promotions does not imply or guarantee safety. Total responsibility for the inspection of the car and rule compliance is by the owner/driver / parent or guardian.

<Check out how to build a Power Wheels Demolition Derby vehicle click on this link.> 


Children 2 years and younger are free - must sit on parent's lap.

Customers must print all purchased tickets in order to

gain admission to event.

Advance ticket prices may fluctuate based on current ticket supply & demand.

Arrive early - General Admission ticket holders could experience "standing room only" prior to show time.

No refunds policy.

There is no authorized re-selling of tickets for this event. Watch out for scammers offering tickets for sale because "they cannot come now". They really do not have tickets but they get your credit card information from you and you get nothing other than a huge bill! Be very careful.

Grandstand Area:

A. No Outside Food or Drink will be allowed in the Grandstand.

B. Bleacher Seating: No more than 6 people can sit in one group. Groups must practice the 6 ft

social distance rule. In order to accomplish social distancing guidelines per HD, every other

row is closed for seating.

C. Hand Sanitizer is available in Various Locations on the Main lobby.

D. No congregating outside of the seating areas.

E. All children must be seated.

F. If a line should form, patrons are asked to leave 6’feet spacing between the next person/and or group.

G. Capacity is limited, therefore there is no re-entry allowed. If you leave, you will be required to pay again.

H. No Pit Passes will be allowed to enter the Grandstand.

I. We ask for your help in disposing your trash in the trash barrels as you leave. Trash Bags are available.

J. No Sunflower or Peanuts are allowed.

K. The Grandstand must be cleared 45 minutes after the Races conclude.

L. The public will not be allowed to enter into the pit area.

M. Smoking is not permitted in the seats - we have a fenced off area where you can go outside.